Welcome to Eklektik Kolord Dreamz!!!

This blog will consist of

My Collective Wanderings,

Random Acts of Creativeness

and the first ever Tutorials that I have written.

Browse around, take a look , read the musings of everyday and then let me know what you think..

Thanks for stopping by!


Calling Tutorial Writers

I am in search of the first 10 tutorial writers that contact me.

I thought since I have had the oportunity to recieve free scraps in exchange for writing tutorials,

that I would offer the same in return.

If you are interested please email me at inkkfreakk@gmail.com

Subject line “scraps for tuts”


New Scrap Shop Open

Plaid’Scapez is now available in a brand new scrap store called Angelic Scraps

There are also 6 other wonderful kit makers that sell there too

Come on over and check us out!

Click the banner to go to the shop

PS. the sale is over but there are some awesome thigns to snag there.


Today ( June 6, 2008 ) I was awarded the “Recommended Tutorials List Award”

I am so stoked, I feel like I have accomplished something good.

I have worked very hard to be copyright compliant and teach everyone in my group to be as well.

Here is my award displayed very proudly.


The tag below has been made from an exclusive kit I did for my friend LilTiger.

The tube used was drawn as a commission for her by Popeye Wong as well.

There will only be 2 tags in existence, hers and mine.

A mini freebie kit will soon be available that matches the kit

but unfortunately since the kit was requested and is exclusive it will be owned only by LilTiger.

Let me know what you all think.

Click the links below to help fund the causes


6 Responses to “Home”

  1. HaleyMarie Says:

    How adorable and beautiful at the same time. How many layers did you have to use. That did truly turn out wonderful.


  2. Gin Says:

    Beautiful and so cute. It is a very attractive tag!!

  3. Connie Says:

    Very cute – love the bling animation.

  4. Janine Says:

    Great Site Inkkfreakk.

  5. Kezzie Says:

    Looks totally awesome..great job..Hugs Kezzie

  6. Witchy Says:

    Hey Hunny, You have been given an award. Go to my Blog to view it.
    Hugs Witchy

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